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Welcome! I am a political scientist, translator and researcher.
I am currently a Research Associate for the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and a member of NOUS (the Network for Constitutional Economics and Social Philosophy).

Over the years, I have also worked as a freelance consultant on a number of research, organizational and translation projects.



The Walter Lippmann Colloquium: the Birth of Neo-Liberalism

Lippmann Cover.jpg

This book is an introduction to, and translation of, the 1938 Walter Lippmann Colloquium held in Paris, which became known the intellectual birthplace of “neo-liberalism.” The Lippmann Colloquium was a seminal moment in the history of ideas and the 20th-century "free market" movement. 

Although the Lippmann Colloquium has been the subject of significant recent interest, this book makes this crucial primary source available to a wide, English-speaking audience for the first time. The Colloquium features important—often passionate—debates involving well-known intellectual figures such as Walter Lippmann, Louis Rougier, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Michael Polanyi, Jacques Rueff, Alexander Rüstow and Wilhelm Röpke. The Colloquium is not only of historical importance.

Many of the topics addressed at the Colloquium, such as the proper methods of economic intervention, the relationship between the market economy and democracy, and the relationship between economic liberalism and political liberalism are issues that still vie for our attention in the aftermath of the Great Recession. 

The book was published as an academic book by Springer/Palgrave Macmillan. The book is accessible for free through any library that has a subscription to SpringerLink (typically a university library). It is also available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. My co-author and collaborator in this project was Serge Audier.

Neoliberalismus, Wie alles anfing: Das Walter Lippmann Kolloquium

Lippmann German.jpg

This book is a German translation of the 1938 Walter Lippmann Colloquium. The German edition was published by Kursbuch Editions thanks to a grant by the Brougier-Seisser-Cleve-Werhahn-Stiftung. The German translation was provided by Michael Hein. 

The price is designed to make the book accessible to a broad German-speaking audience. A digital or print copy of the book can be purchased here.


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