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Below are some positive reviews of my work.

Review of The Walter Lippmann Colloquium: the Birth of Neo-Liberalism

"This book fills a gap. Jurgen Reinhoudt and Serge Audier provide a fine translation of the transcript of the discussions that took place in the summer of 1938 at the famous "Colloque Walter Lippmann" (CWL) in Paris. [A]ccess to this new and timely English language version, together with the authors' excellent exhaustive introduction and rich, well-researched and fair background information, is likely to give scholarship on the origins of neoliberalism a fresh impulse, both in the history of economic thought and in political history".

-Karen Horn, University of Erfurt, writing in The Ordo Yearbook of Economic and Social Order

Review of The Walter Lippmann Colloquium: the Birth of Neo-Liberalism

"The authors [...] have closed a research gap. They take the reader to the exciting time of the birth of a new political current that to this day decisively influences economic policy discourse."
-Detmar Doering, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, writing in the Jahrbuch zur Liberalismus Forschung 

Review of Neoliberalismus, Wie alles anfing: Das Walter Lippmann Kolloquium

"The book at hand helps a great deal in classifying the origin and also the subsequent development of neo-liberalism, its breaks and its continuities. [T]he contribution of the editors to the work is a worthwhile contribution to understanding contemporary neo-liberalism." 
-Hendrik Erz, Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg

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